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Monday, 5 September 2016

5th - 11th Sep

Coming up this week... 

This isn't so much as a update about what is happening this week (as there isn't much). It's more a list of things you need to know in advance...

Consent forms!
We have got a new policy when it comes to consent forms (how exciting I hear you cry!). Basically we are getting a bit stricter and people will only be allowed to come for 1 week to any group without a form. After that, unfortunately, we will have to turn people away who haven't given one in. Our forms are actually being rewritten at the moment but they will be available to downloaded by Wednesday from here: 

Consent forms

So, you are feeling super organised you can fill them out and bring them to the first week back! 

Because of a change of policy I (Olly) have to create a new Facebook account to connect with anyone who is under 18 or still at school. That means that this week, if I am friends with you on Facebook, you will get a 'friend request' from someone called 'Olly Shaw (youth worker)'. Don't worry, it really is me, not someone who will ask you to send money for a train fare because I'm stuck in the Isle of Skye and have had all my things stolen (unless, by some unfortunate twist of fate I really do get stuck in the Isle of Skye, but in that case I will use the code word "Chicken Teddy" so you will know it is me). 

Please do accept as after a couple of weeks I will have to delete everyone from the old one (even if they haven't accepted the request form the new one.)  

Cell Groups 
Most cell groups will be starting back the week beginning the 19th September, at their usual times and usual places (unless you hear otherwise from your leaders). 

For the new year 7 cell we will be getting in touch with you (or your parents) to find out a time and a day that works best for everyone, so keep an eye out for that. 

Friday Pathfinders
The first Friday Pathfinders (older and younger) will be starting back on Friday 22nd September with some Epic Ice Breaker Games (like Ice Breaker Games only epicer) 

Sunday Pathfinders/CYFA 
This Sunday is Morey's last Sunday :'( so we are having a goodbye service for him. Because of that everyone will be staying in church and we won't have any CYFA or Pathfinders. 

If you see Morey on Sunday, make sure you remind him who grew the better moustache 

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