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27th Feb - 4th March

Coming up next week...  Good morning, Good afternoon, Good evening (delete as appropriate). The blog is back and so are we! We have been informed that some people didn't know cells had started this week, so we apologise for that! We are now officially back in full swing and have a busy week ahead of us. Please read on to find out more about what's going on....

Cell Groups
Cell groups are continuing this week. Some groups might have had a social this week, others wont have, but whatever plan your cell is on will be great as Olly wrote it! 

Year 7 cell - Monday 7:15 - 8:30
Year 8 cell - Monday 7:15 - 8:30 
Year 9 cell - Thursday 7:30 - 8:45
Year 10 cell - Thursday 7:30 - 9:00
Year 11 cell - Monday 5:30 - 7:00
Year 12 cell - Friday 5:00 - 6:25 
Year 13 cell - Wednesday 6:30 - 8:00

Younger Friday Pathfinders 
We are back this week (28th Feb) and it is gameshow night. This is a Jake Holton creation and have been assured by the older pathfinders that it was really good.

Next week (Mar 6th) is sl…

Moldova blog 3

Moldova updates

Final update until Olly will provide a more detailed update on how the week has been. Through the week we have had less communication due to the conditions the group have been living in. They have had a great time working with the children and young people in Moldova. 

They have also been having some great time for prayer and individual spiritual development which has been well received by all of our team. 

The team have had their last day today where they have been allowed a rest, and have been exploring the capital city of Chisinau. Having been myself, I know what a great city it is and it will provide an eye opening experience to our team of life in Moldova. 

Prayer Points

Please pray for the relationships that have been created within our own team.

Please also prayer for the relationships they have created with the other church teams, especially Cogges Church from Witney. 

Also pray for safe travel for all those involved. 

Finally, please do pray that this experience will …

Moldova blog 2 18.2.20

Moldova updates

The blog is where you are able to find out about what's going on with our team over in Moldova. I will be updating the blog each day with a few stories, pictures and prayer points from the team themselves. 

The groups sleeping arrangements are more comfortable than first thought, they all have a mattress on a floor with groups sleeping closely together. Showers have been limited to 5 minute per person and the water isn't the warmest. Apparently a comfortable toilet is one of the biggest things people miss so far. 

In terms of the work the group have done, they have been out in the community working with adults and children. They have been touched by the warm welcome they have received from everybody there. Different skills are obviously required for both groups and sometimes our young people have been meeting and talking to people older than them, which is daunting without a language barrier, let alone with one. 

The group have been handing out food parcels to fami…

Moldova update 17.2.20

Moldova updates

The blog is where you are able to find out about what's going on with our team over in Moldova. I will be updating the blog each day with a few stories, pictures and prayer points from the team themselves. 

On Friday night the group met with the other churches in Bicester before flying to Chisinau (capital city of Moldova) on Saturday morning. They travel went smoothly and all arrived Safely. They had a good meal upon arrival and slept in relatively luxurious conditions (bunkbeds). On Sunday morning they had a small service with the group they have gone too and had a crash course on Moldovan culture. They then took a trip out to view the surrounding area. On Monday they are heading out to a local village where they will be based. They will be delivering food parcels to families and running holiday club style activities for local young people.

Prayer points:
Please pray for the children activities they are running, and that the language barrier doesn't become an iss…

14th-21st Feb

Coming up next week...  Ahhhh half term is upon us. For those of us for whom that makes a difference, I hope you have got a good week lined up. For those of you for whom it makes no difference, I hope you have a good normal week. As next week is half term for us, most groups will not be running, but we would appreciate prayers for the small group of people who are heading off to Moldova with Reign Ministries. And because this is the last blog of this half term I have included a bumper crop of photos... 

Cell Groups
There will be no cell groups meeting over half term, but we will be back on the w/b 24th Feb! 

Well done to everyone who contributed something for this terms Cell Celebration, you all did an amazing job! 

Younger Older Friday Pathfinders
Tomorrow (14th Feb) there is no Friday Pathfinders as too many of our leaders are away... 

Feb 6th-14th

Coming up next week...  Roll up, roll up, sit comfortably and get ready to be informed. Unlike Steven last week, I am literally bubbling over with excitement about writing this weeks blog and I'm full of hilarious and witty jokes so prepare to be mildly amused (at best). This week we have our Cell Celebration, makeup night, possibly a bit of patience and some overseas travel thrown in for good measure. Read below to find out more...   

Cell Groups
This Sunday at 6pm in St. Learned's (9th February) is our termly Cell Celebration. People who are in Cell Groups If you have never been to one of these I can highly recommend them. They are essentially an informal church service, planned and delivered by all the members of our cell groups. We have games, food, a talk and prayer stations and the theme this term is Patience. 

If you have been before you know what to expect, so I will see you there. 

If don't know what your Cell is doing for the Cell Celebration this time, then find out …