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Friday, 21 July 2017

21st - 28th July

Coming up next week... 
THE LAST BLOG OF THE YEAR. Enjoy it while it lasts! Here are some things you need to know. I hope everyone has an amazing summer... 
Cell Groups 
The Summer Holidays are nearly here! Hurrah! But the sad news is that that means there won't be any cell groups until the first full week back at school (this term that will be the week beginning 11th September). 

Make sure you remember the things you were going to do when there is no cell... 

Friday Pathfinders
This week 21st July, its Archery Tag night! The younger (year 7-9) lot need to get there at 6.15pm and the older lot (year 10 plus) need to get there for 7.15pm. Its going to be amazing, so make sure you are there. 

To find out more about Archery Tag, have a look at the website here ... 

Soul Survivor
Soul Survivor is getting nearer and nearer. I don't know about everyone else but I'm really looking forward to it. 

People should have been contacted about money that is owed and general plans. 

Dobbo will also be getting in touch to remind people about things we need to borrow from you (like tents and fridges) and people who have volunteered to cook!

If you want to know anything else, please get in touch. And if haven't book and now you wish you could come, we might be able to sort something out, so give me a ring ASAP. 

In other news, the onesies have arrived, so we will at least all look the part. Exciting!! 

If you want to know what is happening week-to-week in the youth work, you are already in the right place (well done you). But, if you need to contact us about anything else, feel free to get in touch using these:

Phone: 07539747237


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