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Friday, 10 February 2017

10th - 17th February

Coming up this week... 

HALF TERM... Here is some things you need to know before that happens though... 

Cell Celebration 
Thank you to everyone who came to this terms Cell Celebration. Well done to everyone who prepared and lead sections of it. I personally was very encouraged by the service and I know other people were too. 

We are really keen to hear what people thought about the Cell Celebration, so if you get chance, then we would love it if you could fill out this old chestnut... 

Cell Celebration feedback

Friday Pathfinders (younger)

This week (10th Feb) its Thirsty Meeples night, so bring extra money for food and any board games you've got that you think are good! 

Next week its half term, but week after (24th Feb) its 'Card Board Fortress Night' (that really is what it sounds like, we will be building giant cardboard fortresses). Any cardboard donations gratefully received! 

Friday Pathfinders (older)
Tonight (10th Feb) we are also having a 'Thirsty Meeples' night which will be less physical
than frisbees night I imagine (depending on how you play board games). 

Next week (17th Feb) is still half term, but after that (24th Feb) we are having a nerf gun battle. So bring nerf guns please... the more the nerfier 

Sunday Pathfinders & CYFA 
There is no Sunday Pathfinders or CYFA this week but Olly is leading the service in church and the Youth Band are playing so if you want to come see us, that would be lovely. 

Youth Weekend Away 
The deadline for the final payment for the weekend away has now passed, so if you need to settle up, please could you do that by Monday 20th Feb.

If you want to know what is happening week-to-week in the youth work, you are already in the right place (well done you). But, if you need to contact us about anything else, feel free to get in touch using these:

Phone: 07539747237


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