Friday, 5 January 2018

5th - 12th January

Coming up next week... 
Well, its the first blog of 2018. I hope everyone had a brilliant Christmas and a great New Year.  We have got some exciting things coming up for 2018, so make sure you keep up-to-date with everything that is going on. Here is what is coming up...
Cell Groups 
Next week all cell groups are starting back with a social. As part of the social we will be thinking about some tricky questions to do with life, faith, the universe and everything. So get your best thinking hat on and come prepared with questions you've always wanted to talk about but never got round to discussing with anyone. 

I have chosen these photos both for their beauty and demonstrate thinking faces

Reminder: Year 10 Cell will be meeting on Wednesday (10th) next week at 8.15pm - 9.30pm.

Friday Pathfinders (Younger and Older)
This week (5th Jan) there is NO Friday Pathfinders (older or younger). That is because your devoted team of leaders are having a planning meeting to come up with all fun we will be having this term. 

Next week will be entirely based on what comes out of our brains this week, so if you are the praying kind, be praying for us (its in your own interests). 

Some shots of what could realistically be described as the best walk to Oxford any youth group has done in the history of ever

Sunday Pathfinders and CYFA
This Sunday (7th Jan) it is an All Age Worship (with balloons) at Church so there is NO Sunday Pathfinders NOR CYFA. 

Youth Weekend Away and Soul Survivor
The deadlines for getting in forms and payments for both Soul Survivor and the Weekend Away have now passed.  However, I think there might be some people out there who want to come but haven't given in their forms. If that is you, get them in!! 

There was a bit confusion about the deadline for SS forms and deposit (sorry about that). Basically, the cost of Soul Survivor tickets goes up on the 31st January, if we haven't booked your place by then, it will cost an extra £20. Long story short, if you want to come, please can you get your forms and deposit in in the next week or so. Links below for the forms: 

Youth Weekend Away Forms

Soul Survivor Forms

If you want to know what is happening week-to-week in the youth work, you are already in the right place (well done you). But, if you need to contact us about anything else, feel free to get in touch using these:

Phone: 07539747237
Facebook page: @stleonardsyoutheynsham


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