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Friday, 6 October 2017

6-13th October

Coming up next week... 
Anyone ready for another blog post? Good, cuz here it is. This week holds yet another Friday Pathfinders first, but at older this week (I think). We've got Soul Survivor consent forms and 4 of our crew are getting confirmed and that's just on top of all the usual excitement. To find out more, have a little read below... 

Cell Groups 
On the 15th October we are having our first Cell Celebration of this (academic) year! All last week cell groups have been busily preparing all their different contributions to it. Next week we will be putting the finishing touches on the what we planned last week. Everyone has been assigned things to do and bring before next weeks cells, so make sure you remember to do/bring them! 

Here is a reminder of who is doing what: 

Year 7 Cell: Prayer stations
Year 8 Cell: Prayer stations 
Year 9 Cell: Welcome and refreshments 
Year 10 Cell: Prayer stations 
Year 11 Cell: Welcome game 
Year 12 Cell: Video or some other creative way to introduce the topic 

Year 13 Cell: Talk 

Timing reminder: 
Year 10 Cell. It is Week B next week, so Year 10 Cell will be meeting on Thursday (12th Oct) next week at 7.15pm. Finishing at 8.30pm. 

Friday Pathfinders (younger)
Tonight (6th October) its a Make a Film night. Come dressed as your favourite film character (there will be a prize for the best dressed) and be ready to recreate some icon movie moments from the comfort of your own Friday Pathfinders. 

Next week (13th October) will be Dark Games. If you are scared of the dark, this might not be the night for you. Otherwise, be prepared to play some brilliant games... in the dark. 

Friday Pathfinders (older)
Tonight (6th Oct) its the much anticipated Friday Pathfinders Disney night (which I think is another Pathfinders first). Get ready to sing your heart out and don't forget to come in fancy dress (Disney themed, obviously). 

Next week (13th Oct) is the winter BBQ extravaganza. Dress up warm, because we will be out in the garden and remember to bring a bit of extra money to pay for the delicious BBQ treats. 

Sunday Pathfinders / CYFA   
Very excitingly our very own Scarlett, Jed, Peter and Lorna are all getting confirmed this Sunday (8th October)!! We definitely couldn't miss out being in church for that, so there is no CYFA or Sunday Pathfinders this week. 

Soul Survivor
It seems like last week I broke the link to our Soul Survivor contest form link. It is now back working again. So, download your forms and get the in as early as you can. 

Soul Survivor Consent Forms and letters

If you want to know what is happening week-to-week in the youth work, you are already in the right place (well done you). But, if you need to contact us about anything else, feel free to get in touch using these:

Phone: 07539747237


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