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Friday, 2 December 2016

5th-11th December

Coming up this week... 

Our cell social date is set (see below) and we are watching a film and playing a murder mystery game this evening. It doesn't get much better than that. Here is what is coming up in the next week...

The forms for the weekend away are ready and raring to go. The should be handed out at cell groups and Friday Pathfinders next week. If you are super keen and can't wait until then you can download them from here 

Cell Groups 
The big news is that the cell social date is set. It's Wednesday 14th December. Make sure you bring your completed invitation and £5 with you to your next cell groups session to book yourself a space. 

If you haven't had an invite, get in touch. 

Other than that, all cells are on this week, normal times and normal places. 

Year 7 Cell are looking at Mental Health. 
Year 8 Cell are looking at Mental Health. 
Year 9 Cell are having a session on identity and confidence. 
Year 10 Cell are having a session identity and confidence. 
Year 11 Cell are having a session on Equality. 
Year 12 Cell are having a social.
Year 13 Cell are doing a session on Mental Health.

Friday Pathfinders (younger)
Today (2nd) we are having a movie night, so bring any film you fancy watching and settle in for a chilled evening. 

Not that I am trying to influence you in any way...

Next week (9th Dec) we are having our last Pathfinders before Christmas, so come dressed Christmassy and be prepared for some Christmas themed games. 

Friday Pathfinders (older)
Today (2nd) we are having our annual murder mystery and its going to be amazing! If you want to come, let me know soon and I might be able to give you a part! 

Next week (9th) will be the last one before Christmas, so we will be having a movie night. Complete with a cheesy Christmas film. 

Sunday Pathfinders
Sunday Pathfinders is on Psalm 102 this week and is going be lead by Olly and our new helper Gemma Ferrier. 

This week CYFA is on and we are going to be planning for next term. What do you want to do, how do you want to do it? Let Steve and Claire know on Sunday because they will be leading it. 

If you want to know what is happening week-to-week in the youth work, you are already in the right place (well done you). But, if you need to contact us about anything else, feel free to get in touch using these:

Phone: 07539747237


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