16th - 22nd November

Coming up this week...
Here's what we'll be doing this week...

Cell Groups
Cell groups are back on this week, and most groups will be coming to the end of the prayer course. You will also be getting invites to the Cell Christmas Social on 17th December.

Friday Pathfinders
This week, both Younger Pathfinders and Older Pathfinders will be putting their strength to the test!
For Younger Pathfinders, we will be doing some Cross fit. While at Older, we will be doing Ninja Warrior.

Soul Survivor/ Youth weekend Away
And once again, it is time to think about Soul Survivor, and the youth weekend away - letters will be given out this week - sorry for the volume of paperwork!!

Sunday Pathfinders
Sunday Pathfinders will be on this week and they will be planning the children's slot for the service on the 29th so come with lots of ideas! CYFA will be staying in Church where we'll be finishing looking at Isaiah.


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